Plan Preparation

We will help you prepare for initial consultation with the NDIA to get access to your funding. We will be there to assist you in arranging for your first planning meeting: Organize any paper work or appointment needed. The plan which the NDIA will build for you, we will help you put in place for you.

Prepare information needed to plan:

  1. Personal details: name age where you stay, primary permanent disability and any secondary disability (including reports or assessments) 
  2. What help you are currently receiving (friends and family as well as health services)
  3. Medical & Medication history 
  4. How or with which supports you perform your daily activities 
  5. Your security (there are places in your life that sustain you)
  6. Setting targets (12 months – work, social, community, education)

Starting Your Plan

You will need to manage your plan, once you have your plan created. Some ways of doing it are:

  1. The NDIA (Service provider will manage)
  2. Self-Managed – You or your nominee (mum or dad, extended family or carer) 
  3. Plan Managed (managed by accountant)

If you choose your plan to be NDIA or plan managed, Dulili Care will be there to help you with the financial management of you plan. Our Finance team can help you manage your fund, pay your invoices and handle all of the other financial elements of your package. Our co-ordination team of NDIS can help you connect with supports you need. We use person centered approach to determine the type of resources you will need in your kit, what all option of providers you have, who will be able to provide the supports services required by you, where they are located and understanding of your service agreement provider’s.

Daily Service Delivery

Once you have decided what services you require, who you will be hiring to provide them, when, where, and how, the service delivery will begin.

Dulili Care is there to provide the standard of quality care when you need market leading support workers. We’re here in your journey with any guidance you like, we’ll collaborate with you to find out exactly what you need and create a support team to help you achieve your goals. We will also provide updates on specific goals, results and metrics of progress to you and to the NDIS as we go along.

You would not have to worry about financial management of your NDIS Plan as we alongside you will manage it all together.

Reviewing Your Plan

If you are not satisfied with the funding you have been allotted by NDIA, Dulili Care team will help you file a review and work alongside with you reach the desired outcome. If your plan’s going to be for 12 months, every 12 months (after usual plan duration) or anytime something has changed in your life, a review will take place. Our support team will analyse the services to help you achieve your goals and think about more services that may be helpful to reach your new or existing goals. Dulili Care team will help you to prepare your plan review with its person-centred approach, so that you can get all the services you need.